Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boys and their Toys

I'm back with another project using Kelleigh Ratzlaff's templates and I actually used more than one template this time. The most challenging part was making something for the boys this time around.

I started off by selecting the mini mailbox template and asked myself what can I make with this shape. And the most obvious choice was either a train or a tractor. I opted for the tractor project. I used the following templates from Kelleigh's designs:

1. Mailbox:
I imported the svg file into my Silhouette Designer Edition software and ungrouped all the shapes in this file. I deleted all the other shapes and only cut the box part of the template.

I glued the box together and set this aside for the front part of the tractor.

2. Tall box
I Once again imported the svg file into my software and resized it to match the size of the mailbox that I cut in the previous step.

I cut windows on each side of the box to resemble the shape of windows of a tractor. I glued the pieces together and this formed the back part of the tractor.

3. Wheels
For the wheels, I used the pumpkin cutting file. I imported the svg into my software and cut two sets to form the back wheels - which was larger than the front wheels. 

I resized the svg to cut smaller wheels for the front. 

4. Assemble
Once I cut all the pieces and assembled them, I then started assembling the tractor by glueing all the pieces together. I then added the finishing touches by creating a spoiler and yellow round lights for the front, a steering wheel, two rear view mirrors, a seat and stairs for the side of the tractor.

Once again, this project was proof that Kelleigh's templates are so versatile and can be used to create ANYTHING. The only limitation is your imagination!!!! 

Have a blessed week!

Happy crafting!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. You are TOO cool! Love it! My son would love this (except the tractor is the wrong color for our family!)