Monday, 12 March 2012

Piano Box

It's been a while since I posted a blog but unfortunately I also have a day job that keeps me busy most of the day and which brings it's own challenges and deadlines. But I'm happy to be posting this blog post from my new craft Apple iMac. This computer changed the way I craft and edit photos and I know there will be a huge learning curve for me as I've always just worked on a PC. I'm looking forward to become a complete Mac-addict! :-)

With each new blog post, I share a new project. And this time it's no different. I decided to keep with the classic vintage theme and created a piano from Kelleigh Ratzlaff's Wavebox template. I downloaded the template and traced it onto a piece of brown cardstock. I separated the wave by cutting it from the box template.

I then cut a 1.5 inch strip of cardstock, scored it in the middle (lengthwise) and 0.5 inch on each side and attached it to the bottom of the box to form the keyboard. 

I used the Cameo to cut the chords for the keyboard. This was cut on a piece of white and black paper. 

This was then attached to brown cardstock. The legs were made by rolling 4 pieces of brown paper and glueing it to the bottom of the box. To make the lip prop, I cut a 2 inch piece of skewer, painted it brown and glued it to the top of the box. I then glued the lid to the lid prop. I cut a 2 inch of brown cardstock, rounded the edges and glue it to the front of the box to form the music desk.

To make the piano stool, I used a Kelleigh Ratzlaff's Matchbox template set. I traced the template to a piece of brown cardstock and made the legs using a piece of skewer. The legs were painted with brown paint and glued to the bottom of the box.

I searched the internet for a Betty Boop clip art and imported this to the Silhouette Studio Software. I traced the image, used the print-n-cut feature of the software and glued the cut image to the side of the piano. 

The final product:

Later this week I will be share a post on how to make a card using quilled flowers and I will share my technique for making these flowers.

Happy Monday and keep crafting!