Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Weekend in the Bush

We spend the weekend in the Kruger National Park with Terence's family. It was extremely hot in the Lowveld but the time out of town did us both good! For any of you that's experienced the Kruger Park, you will know that the experience is well worth it if you can come back saying that you saw the big five. So our experience was well worth it! :-)

The weekend was all about taking photos with my new zoom lens and I ended up with some nice photos if I may say so myself. The photos of the lions were taken on the first evening when we took a drive before the gates closed. The gates closed at 18:30 and we came across these two male lions at 18:15 and it was still a bit of drive to the camp from where we found them. We could not spend too much time admiring them, but I managed to take some awesome close-ups.

Is nature not amazing???!!!

Have a great week!

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